Another Holy War

The Kraken's Wake

The Story so Far... (As Told by the High Priest and Vitae Bard Lucas in his report to the Vitakai)

My Noble Lord,

We, realizing that the danger to the Vitae Camp was very real and that there was no easy way to enter or exit Bentenvania, asked the ruler of Bentenvania, Lord Angus, for help. Upon our request, Lord Angus explained that Bentenvania could spare a single ship, but that it could only do so for a short period of time as there was an Imperial army from the Empire of Dunzelheit amassing near the southern border of Bentenvania’s ally, Calandia. This army posed an immediate threat to Calandia, but there was very little that we could do for the Bentenvanians or the Calandians given the current circumstances. As such, we acquired a Bentenvanian ship outfitted with an ice-cutter and began our journey back to the Vitae Camp with all haste.

While en route to the Desert of Gamandine, we encountered a disabled ship floating in the icy waters to the east of Bentenvania. The ship had no mast, and there were no obvious signs of battle or damage. Still, we feared that there might be people aboard the ship in need of aid, and we decided to board the vessel to conduct a thorough search. After an extended search, we discovered that the ship was actually a Vitae Flagship known as the Kraken’s Wake under the command of Prince Leon. The prince had originally set out with the ship on a quest to find information about Sekhemit’s brother, Mios, but the prince met an unfortunate fate at the hands of (read met an unfortunate fate at the hands of as “was turned to stone by”) a creature known as the Chessmaster long before we discovered the ship. Unfortunately, the woes of the ship’s crew did not end there as the crew was attacked by some sort of unseen force before they could return to the Vitae Camp and report the prince’s predicament. We still do not know exactly what this unseen force was, but we now believe that it may have been the Shadar’Kai for I was attacked by a small, but powerful force of Shadar’Kai under the leadership of a cursed Shadar’Kai witch as soon as I stepped upon the wooden planks of the ship’s lower deck. Fortunately, the rest of the group quickly came to my aid, and we were able to smite the foul creatures.

With the creatures smited, we continued our investigation and discovered that most of the crew was missing. As such, we looked high and low for any clue to their whereabouts, and from the runes and ritual circles that we discovered on the ship, we ascertained that the crew was most likely removed by some sort of foul ritual carried out by the Shadar’Kai. After a short examination, we were able to activate one of the foul portals that the Shadar’Kai had created, and we used the portal to enter the Shadowfell. Once there, we met a creature that we can only assume was the goddess of death herself…The Raven Queen…and a legion of Shadar’Kai advancing on the only surviving members of the crew save the 11 souls that were still aboard the ship. We readied our blades and prepared to save our comrades, but Scuff was able to use his more than intimidating demeanor to negotiate the safe return of the survivors without the need for any additional Vitae bloodshed (NOTE: Lucas has deliberately omitted the fact that the Raven Queen did not want to attack Scuff because she did want to offend his “mistress.” This is ultimately what allowed Scuff to negotiate the safe return of the survivors, but no one, including Scuff, knows why.)

We then made our way out of the Shadowfell back to the Bentenvanian ship with the suvivors in tow to purify the Kraken’s Wake (read purify the Kraken’s Wake as “ram the ship into the Kraken’s Wake in order to sink it.) With the Kraken’s Wake and the foul atrocities committed upon it lost forever, we were finally able to continue our journey home and return to the Desert of Gamandine. However, I’m afraid that none of us were truly prepared for the sight that we saw upon our return as the entire northern section of the Vitae Camp had mysteriously, or perhaps not so mysteriously, disappeared…



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