Kirakai Stephanus

Supreme Lord and Commander of the Kira Forces


Kirakai Stephanus, the enigmatic leader of the Kira, has ruled over the forces of Kayne since the War of Light and Dark began. However, Stephanus is not a typical Kira, and his blood lust and desire for victory seem to be tempered with a twisted sense of honor and an unwillingness to kill except when absolutely necessary. In fact, there is little doubt that Stephanus could have easily slain the Holy Knight Gabriel, the party sent forth from the Vitae Camp to investigate the Massacre at the Grand Cathedral, and the legendary barbarian warrior Ashtar, but he chose to give each group/individual the opportunity to leave peacefully.

NOTE: Stephanus eventually did slay Ashtar, but this was only because Ashtar refused to back down from an honor combat. In fact, Stephanus not only gave Ashtar the option to retreat, but also ordered his best artisans to construct a statue of Ashtar on the site of their battle after his death, which still stands in the desert to this day (the party encountered this statue and the ghost of Ashtar after they left the Grand Cathedral of the Kira.)

Kirakai Stephanus

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