High Priestess of the Kira


Lady Katrina is a Kira High Priestess who serves the Demon Lord Ralex. She is well-known for her brutal tactics and the unbridled hatred that she holds for the Holy Knight Gabriel and all of his Vitae comrades. This intense hatred is a direct result of the fact that Gabriel is not only responsible for the death of Katrina’s mother, but also responsible for the near death of Katrina at a very early age as well. In fact, Katrina would have almost certainly been slain by Gabriel if Kirakai Stephanus had not intervened and prevented Gabriel from striking down Katrina when she was no more than five years old. Little is known about Katrina’s life after she was rescued by Stephanus, but these events alone were enough to send Katrina down an exceedingly dark path.

Katrina is now trying to ally her Kira forces with the forces of the Void Wolf to put an end to the Vitae once and for all.


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