Another Holy War

The Survivors of the Kira Massacre

The Story so Far... (As Told by the High Priest and Vitae Bard Lucas in his report to the Vitakai)

My Noble Lord,

We set out to Dunzelheit in search of the survivors of the Kira Massacre as you requested, but Lord Sheen graced us with his presence before we could leave. As such, I must regretfully inform you that we were slightly delayed in our departure, but we were able to continue our journey after Lord Sheen demonstrated a small portion of his absolute power by “encouraging” (read encouraging as “forcing”) the people of the Vitae camp to dance. Lord Sheen was kind enough to offer us some advice on the people of Dunzelheit before we left, but I have a feeling he may have been reading it from some sort of scroll (read scroll as “cue cards”.)

En route to Dunzelheit, we encountered a strange individual by the name of Papete Harativo who appeared out of a shimmering vortex hovering above the middle of the ocean. He demanded that we swear our allegiance to the Void Wolf and the Void Wolf’s mistress, the Beauty in Black…We of course met this demand with the appropriate and justified response (read with the appropriate and justified response as “by trying to kill him”), but he summoned some sort of spider, a creature from the Void made of lightning, that allowed him to make his escape. We slayed the spider and continued to Dunzelheit as commanded.

Once in Dunzelheit, we were greeted by General Hans of the Wolf Clan. He was kind enough to escort us to the Slave Market, a horrid place filled with squalor, where we were able, with the aid of our ally from Dunzelheit Ragan, to locate a woman by the name of Sandra. Sandra informed us that our Vitae comrades had been sold into slavery, but the woman that purchased them, Lady Piper, freed them as soon as they were purchased. Our comrades, however, realized that they would find no aid in Dunzelheit, and fled into the woods to rearm, regroup, and plan. As such, we made our way into the woods in search of the survivors, and quickly found the ruins of a fortress near the center of the wood where our allies were attempting to hold off a legion of nearly 200 undead skeletons led by Lich known as Dr. Katz. We, of course, intervened and the swift and decisive strikes of Lady Odara, Lord Thotham, the Noble Warrior Child Marcin, the Deadly Assassin Ragan, and myself were able to quickly put down the threat from the Lich and his minions. Unfortunately, the Lich was not utterly destroyed, and he swore that he would return to seek his vengeance as his dust blew into the winds.

With the survivors safely in hand, we began tending to the wounded, only to discover that Captain Peter of the 1st Vitae Regiment had been severely wounded by a skeletal creature with tainted claws dripping with some foul, purple liquid from the void. We were able to stem the damage caused by the wounds, but it required a larger amount of purification than I would have liked (read a larger amount of purification than I would have liked as “chopping off his arm and some of his fingers.) Once Captain Peter was stable enough to move, we made for our ship and headed back to the Vitae Camp.

The return trip was uneventful and we arrived in the Vitae Camp without incident (NOTE: Lucas has deliberately omitted a key event that occurred during the group’s journey here for fear that it would bring down the wrath of the Vitakai. The group actually discovered the true reason that Eva had been acting strangely on the return trip. As it turns out, she is in a relationship with a Kira, Malcolm, who is also the son of the Kirakai. This relationship would be considered an extreme taboo by the Vitae as it is a violation of the Treaty of Azarith and, therefore, a violation of the rules of engagement passed down by Avalon himself. As such, the punishment is typically death, but the party made a deal with Sheen and the demon mistress, Lady Shyleia (pronounced Shy-la) to turn back the clock so the ship’s crew never actually discovered the existence of the relationship.)

We then, upon your order, proceeded back to Dunzelheit in search of a mysterious bandit, believed to be a survivor of Azarith, that might have information about the rift orb and the appropriate manner in which to activate it. The bandit, who we later found out was a member of the Azarithian Masked Guard by the name of Z, was actually a survivor of Azarith, but he didn’t know how to use the orb. He did, however, know that the Grand Wizard Azarith (the Wizard for which the city is named) did have an apprentice, Raina, who might know how to use the orb. In fact, the reason that Z had taken on the role of a bandit, was so that he could commandeer (read commandeer as “steal”) documents from the Empire of Dunzelheit to determine Raina’s whereabouts and, as luck would have it, he found information to indicate that Raina might be somewhere in the Kingdom of Calandia.

With this information in hand, we set out for Calandia immediately and, upon our arrival, requested an audience with the ruler of Calandia, Overlord Lucius III, to see if he knew anything about Raina and her whereabouts. Unfortunately, the Overlord is quite busy, and there is a two-week waiting period for an audience. As such, we now wait…



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