Another Holy War

The Orb, the Wolf, and the Crimson Coalition

The Story so far (as told by the Vitae Bard Atura Tolin)

Vitakai Angelos, upon Eva’s safe return to the camp, summoned the brave band of adventurers to the Grand Cathedral of the Vitae to offer his thanks for the services that they had performed in the name of the Vitae. In honor of their achievements, the Vitakai offered the services of one of his finest bards, the High Priest Lucas, and offered each and every member of the band a gift that would take the form of any boon that was within the Vitakai’s power to give. The band’s travels in the Crimson Coalition camp, however, were far from done, as it quickly became apparent that the Vitakai was concerned about the true intentions of the Crimson Coalition and the sinister purpose that they had in mind for his daughter and the artifact for which they searched. The brave band, as a result, set out once more for the Crimson Coalition’s camp to search for the answers that the Vitakai had asked them to seek.

Fortunately, the brave band of adventurers were not alone, as the Vitakai sent out a large group of his best warriors to distract the Crimson Coalition as the band made its way through the desert tunnels of the slave camp. With the skilled hands of the group’s trapmaster, Eravan, the ferocious strength and “smash now!” attitude of the two-headed ogre (one of the slaves that the band had rescued from their first journey into the camp), and the swift swords of the group’s rangers and bards, the group made their way deep into the Crimson Coalition’s camp. Inside, they not only found the treasury (and several small groups of Skaven to slaughter), but also found the truth for which they had been searching. The members of the Crimson Coalition were actually the servants of some dark master, a creature known as the Void Wolf, that were on a mission to find a magical artifact known as a rift orb to carry out the foul creature’s plans. The band also discovered that Eva had originally come to the Crimson Coalition camp to free her friend Myka, and that Myka was being held in the compound’s laboratory to be used as a test subject. The brave band of adventurers, with this knowledge in hand, immediately set out to rescue Myka and acquire the orb.

After a series of wrong turns, dangerous traps, and one really strange Skaven Alchemist, the band rescued Eva’s friend Myka, freed a group of slaves that the Crimson Coalition had been using as test subjects for some bizarre experiment (involving void crystals and torture), and made their way to the area in which they believed the orb might be located. Unfortunately, that area was located beneath the Library of Bunkai, and only Neutralis were allowed to enter. The snarky warrior from Dunzelheit that Lady Thorn had previously offered to the group, however, simply looked towards one of the windows and announced that the band meant no harm and, as such, they requested permission to enter. The Grand Librarian, upon hearing the warrior’s request, allowed the band to enter the library.

Once inside, the band made their way into the tunnels beneath the library to continue their search for the orb, and quickly found a secret passage leading into the ruins of an ancient tower. The band moved down the tower’s disintegrating steps, past a series of doors that seemed to be blocked by sand and rubble, to the bottom of the tower where they found the rift orb. As the party lifted the orb from the strange mechanical device on which it sat, the entire tower began to shift, causing rocks and sand to rain down from above. The band attempted to make their way back up the stairs, but it quickly became apparent that the stairs were no longer stable, and the party was forced to climb the wall back up into the tunnels below the Library.

The party, back in the safety of the Library, gathered their gear, and began their journey home to report their findings to the Vitakai. Once home, the band reported their exploits, and the Vitakai demonstrated his gratitude for the band’s services by offering them the right to establish a new Vitae settlement outside of the main camp and a ship to track down Ritz and the survivors of the assault on the Kira Cathedral. It was, however, more than obvious that the Vitakai was more concerned about the role that the creature known as the Void Wolf would play in the War of Light and Dark than he was about the settlement or the ship…



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