Another Holy War

The Journey Begins

The Story so far (as told by the Vitae Bard Atura Tolin)

Our story begins just as an epic battle between the foul forces of the Kira and the noble forces of the Vitae ends. A young boy named Marcin, covered in blood, rushes into the Vitae camp screaming for help. The boy is one of a handful of survivors of a massacre in which many brave Vitae lost their lives defending a Kira Cathedral that our forces had captured. With the cathedral retaken by the Kira, our brave band of adventurers, after a lengthy discussion of the merits of such an undertaking, set out into the harsh desert to aid their comrade Marcin in his search for survivors. This led the band to the outskirts of a Kira Camp where they met a group of less than reputable merchants under the leadership of one Master Ritz.

After a series of discussions and negotiations, the brave band managed to convince Ritz to loan them some of his men and the group made their way to the foul Kira’s den. Once inside, the band discovered the noble warrior and Marcin’s master, Sir Seraphis the Compassionate, single-handedly holding back an entire Kira brigade. The band immediately leapt into the fray to aid their horribly outnumbered comrade, but the battle came to an abrupt end as Kirakai Stephanus, the hated leader of all Kira, appeared before the band and demanded an explanation for the Vitae’s actions. The band, in response, explained that they had come in search of survivors that had been taken prisoner by the Kira, and the Kirakai, in turn, informed them that were none. With this information in mind, the band decided to take the only reasonable course of action available and made a tactical retreat.

However, as the band headed back, they came across a statue that the Kirakai had mentioned. This statue was dedicated to a noble warrior named Ashtar who challenged the Kirakai to an honor duel many many years ago. In the statue’s hands was a sword that seemed to glow in the dim evening light, but the sword was metal not stone. This led the Vitae Knight, Sir Clodington, to draw the sword from the statue’s stone awakening the spirit of Ashtar trapped inside it. After a brief exchange of blows, Sir Clodington demonstrated the true extent of his honor and offered the sword back to the ghost. The spirit of Ashtar, realizing the Vitae Knight’s noble intentions to destroy evil wherever it may lay, granted Sir Clodington permission to keep the sword. With the sword in hand, our brave band of adventurers headed back to the Vitae camp to rest, tend to the wounded, and inform the Vitakai of the events that had transpired.



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