Another Holy War

Eva and the Assault on the Crimson Coalition's Camp

The Story so far... (as told by the Vitae Bard Atura Tolin)

Our brave band of adventurers, back in the confines of the Vitae camp, tended to their wounds and prepared their weapons for battle. The band, however, was forced to cut their preparations short as a young woman clad in a black uniform with a golden raven insignia rode into the camp followed by an entourage of black-clad soldiers. The Holy Knight, Sir Gabriel, moved quickly to halt her advance with two Vitae Knights standing by, but the young woman simply dismounted, raised her hand, and informed the Holy Knight that she meant no harm and that she was simply here to speak with Baroness Odara. The Vitae baroness, Vitari Odara, approached the woman without hesitation (much to the chagrin of the knights sworn to protect her), and allowed the young woman to speak. The young woman introduced herself as Lady Thorn and explained that she was actually a baroness herself from the Empire of Dunzelheit. She had traveled across the ocean to thank Baroness Odara for freeing one of her clansmen and, in recognition of this deed, offered Odara the services of some of her men and mercenaries. After some discussion (and some reservations), Odara decided to accept their services under the belief that any man or woman willing to hold a sword against the Kira was actually an asset to the cause.

It quickly became clear, however, that one of the mercenaries, Thotham, was actually a Vitae count with some unusual ideas about the true role of magic items in the world, and concerns began to arise as to how the group should protect their own magical equipment. The group, however, had little time to discuss these concerns as Vicar Thotham (Vicar is the title for a Vitae count) approached the Holy Knight Gabriel and asked him about the purpose of the assault on the Kira Cathedral. The Holy Knight explained that the cathedral was actually the Grand Cathedral of the Kira, and it was the hope of the Vitae forces that they would be able to locate and capture the legendary tainted artifact from which all Kira gain their power, the Shadow Chalice. Unfortunately, the Chalice was well-hidden and the Kira were able to drive the Vitae forces out of the Cathedral before the Chalice’s secret chamber could be discovered. The Kirakai, now aware of the Vitae’s intentions, would have certainly bolstered the Grand Cathedral’s defenses making another attack impossible (or at least well-over the line into insanity.) To make matters worse still, Holy Knight Gabriel had other problems that were more pressing than the failed attack on the Cathedral for the Vitakai’s daughter, Eva, had disappeared somewhere near the Crimson Coalition’s camp.

Hearing this (and knowing that there was a treasure trove of magnificent items that they could commandeer from the Coalition), the band set out immediately for the Crimson’s Coalition’s desert camp. Upon their arrival, the band was attacked by a Skaven Warband that appeared to be guarding the camp. After a seemingly never-ending battle between the party and the Skaven, the brave band made their way into the tunnels of the mining camp, navigated their way through a series of deadly traps, and found Eva strapped to a table with a sharp, bladed pendulum rapidly descending towards her. The band moved quickly to rip the straps that bound Eva off the table before the pendulum ensured her messy end. With several great feats of desperate strength, the band managed to tear the straps from the table to free Eva just in the nick of time and, with Eva rescued, made their back to the Vitae Camp to tend to their wounds.

Meanwhile, Marcin and his mentor, Sir Seraphis the Compassionate, continued their search for the missing survivors of the assault on the Grand Cathedral of the Kira. There was little to indicate where the survivors might have ended up, but Marcin and Sir Seraphis began to hear rumors that Master Ritz and his “merchant” band may have known more about the survivors whereabouts than they originally let on.



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