In the Beginning…

In the beginning, there was nothing. An infinite void of black, empty space that existed in absolute silence. This was simply the way of things…At least until the void of space began to twist and contort. And from the void itself, an entity known as Avalon…the very embodiment of all things…the one above…the life-bringer… the soul-keeper…our one true savior…ripped itself from the void.

The Age of Loneliness

For millennia, Avalon floated in the darkness aimless and alone. An eternal struggle between light and dark waging on inside him (or her depending on who you ask) tearing at his insides until finally he could suffer the pain, loneliness, and sorrow no longer. For Avalon was the very embodiment of both good and evil, sorrow and joy, despair and hope, fear and courage, hate and love, loneliness and companionship, and every other emotion that exists, but these opposing forces fought so fiercely inside Avalon that even the life-bringer began to wonder if it would tear him apart.

The Rise of Kayne

Avalon, realizing that the struggle inside him had gone on for far too long, came to a decision. He decided to put an end to his internal struggle and end the loneliness that permeated throughout the void by tearing the evil from himself. And Avalon, exercising the true extent of his power, tore the evil, the sorrow, the despair, the fear, the hatred, and most of all, the loneliness from his form and threw it into the blackness of the void. And from these emotions, a dark power rose in the void…Kayne (pronounced Kai-yanne) the very embodiment of darkness, the one below, the life-drinker, the soul-stealer, and our true foe ripped himself from our lord.

The Amaranthine Conflict

Our lord Avalon’s decision to tear the evil from himself did not end the struggle, however, as the two opposing forces quickly realized that there was no way that they could peacefully coexist. For it is the very nature of light to eliminate the dark and the very nature of darkness to eliminate the light. This fact drew Kayne and Avalon to quickly engage in a seemingly never-ending battle in which they each attempted to destroy the other, but were so evenly matched that their attempts failed again and again and again…

The War of Light and Dark

After an eon of battle, the conflict between Avalon and Kayne suddenly came to a halt as the two entities realized that they would never be able to end the conflict unless they fought on different terms. This realization eventually led Kayne to create a group of foul creatures known as the Demon Lords and a race of corrupt humanoids to serve them known as the Kira. Avalon, in response, created a group of supreme beings known as the Forces and a race of humanoids destined to protect the light known as the Vitae.

-Excerpts from the Journal of Atura Tolin, bard of Elagaar (and soldier of the Vitae)